Welcome to HealthCare Training Service

HealthCare Training Service is an Australian owned and operated training company dedicated to the provision of ongoing professional development for health care professionals.

The training service was established in 1994 and our reputation has grown over the past 20 years resulting in HealthCare Training Service being seen as a leading provider of training programs for our health care colleagues. Today more than 4500 Healthcare Professionals complete our courses each year with participants travelling from across Australia as well as England, Sweden, Dubai and Mongolia!

HealthCare Training Service provides high quality courses and we are well-renowned for our Advanced Life Support Courses which are delivered either in-house or at a convenient location in Brisbane for individual Health Care Professionals to attend. We also provide a variety of additional training programs in-house for numerous hospitals and health care facilities, offering a range of In-house Training courses which are customized for our Corporate Clients to meet the specific learning needs of the organisation.