HealthCare Training Service provides both adult and paediatric advanced life support courses as well as clinical training workshops in related areas. We are passionate about imparting the knowledge you need in an environment that is professional, friendly and non-threatening.

The Advanced Life Support Courses (adult & paediatric) provide the learner with a foundation in theoretical knowledge and the application of practical clinical skills within a solid problem-solving framework essential in advanced resuscitation.  With the rising acuity of clients within health care environments, life threatening emergencies occur frequently and as such require the timely response of Medical Officers, Registered Nurses and Paramedics.  The response of such personnel also needs to be cohesive, efficient and effective.  Through undertaking ALS & PALS training such personnel are able to achieve a sound knowledge base and competence in areas pertinent to advanced life support practice.  The essential components covered in the advanced life support courses include: Basic Life Support, Advanced Airway Management, Rhythm Recognition, Defibrillation, Emergency Drugs, Transcutaneous (External) Pacing, the Management of Life Threatening Arrhythmias (Cardiac Arrest Algorithms), Team member roles, and Post Resuscitation Care.

The advanced life support courses incorporate more than the provision of information, assessment of knowledge base and demonstration of psychomotor skills.  Our courses encompass the role of the team cohesively approaching the resuscitation of the individual suffering a life threatening emergency, in a systematic and controlled manner.

Our Advanced Life Support Courses continue to receive interstate and even international recognition! Medical Officers, Registered Nurses and Paramedics wishing to work with some overseas companies have been able to meet their ACLS requirements by attending our courses. We have also had Medical Staff working off-shore return to Australia to undertake their ALS training with us!  We thank you for choosing us to meet your advanced life support training needs.

Here's what we have to offer: